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Below are some links you might find helpful.

Some are PDF files you can view and then choose File / Save to save a copy to your computer.  

Others are links to sites that you can view on your screen.

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1.   Ten Quick and Easy Tips to improve your

      Photography  View then Save File

2.   HyperFocalDistance  View then Save File

3.   HowToSelectThe Sharpest Aperture 

      View then Save File

4.   LensDiffraction Basics   View then Save File

5.   Flash&InverseSquareLaw  View then Save File

6.   ExposeToThe Right  View then Save File

7.   Understanding Histograms  View then Save File

8.   Calibration Image  HERE

9.   High Dynamic Range Photography or HDR  HERE

10.  Cambridge in Colour  HERE

11. Cleaning your Cameras Sensor  HERE

12. Wolverine Film Converter  HERE

13. 23 Free Photography E-Books   HERE

14. Lightning Photography  View then Save File

15. Ugly Hedgehog, a little bit of everything  HERE

16. Putting yourself into an image multiple times using

      PhotoShop,   View then Save File  PhotoShop

      Elements users click HERE to see a video.

17. Light Painting Technique (by one of our members),

      you should try this, it's fascinating. Click HERE

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